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This equipment can examine the ultra-pure gas oxygen content of 200ppt.

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    The sensor operates on a Coulometric principle. Oxygen in the sample gas is reduced in an electrochemical reaction that results in a measurable current flow. The use of this technique is widely recognized for its ability to provide a precise oxygen measurement.

    The sample gas is in direct contact with the sensor cathode. Oxygen in the sample gas is reduced electrochemically at the cathode to hydroxyl ions (OH-).The electrolyte solution contains potassium hydroxide (KOH) which assists in the migration of hydroxyl ions (OH - ) to the anode where they are oxidized to complete the reaction. A voltage of approximately 1.3 VDC, applied to the sensor electrodes, drives the reduction and oxidation reactions. The current flow resulting from the reaction is proportional to the oxygen content in the sample gas. The processed signal is then displayed in ppm or ppb units of oxygen.


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